Modern Combat 5 – Class Is In Session!


The latest installment in the Modern Combat series, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is coming, and we have some exclusive new information for you!

Game Overview

In the game, players will be able to play through an intense and dynamic solo campaign. This single player mode will feature short missions that offer a diversity of gameplay situations and suspenseful, action-packed story.

The game kicks off with Phoenix, the main character of the game, working on a special operation in Venice to secure a shipment of WMDs from a well-armed terrorist group.  Phoenix does some sight-seeing in Venice, but he’ll also stop by Tokyo throughout the single player campaign and together, players will use Phoenix to fight amidst total anarchy.

Game Progression

Modern Combat 5: Blackout will feature a unified progression system. This means that both the single player and multiplayer progress will be put together in one cohesive gaming experience.

Got experience in a single player mission?  Great!  You’ll see that reflected in multiplayer the next time you log on to own some noobs.
Rack up some serious kills on multiplayer?  Even better!  You will see the experience gain on your next action-packed single player mission.

No matter what mode you are playing in, you will be able to work towards increasing your weapons score, mastering various weapons, and of course unlocking new ones.  Oh by the way, all of the weapons you unlock will be usable in BOTH single player and multiplayer.  Isn’t that Awesome?



Modern Combat 5 will feature four soldier classes which, just like your weapons, are playable across single and multiplayer.

These classes are a huge contributing factor to the unified progression system that’s being included in the game.
As you level up, you will receive Skill Points and these points can then be used to unlock skills that augment the effectiveness of a class.
Each of the four classes listed below are defined by the weapons it can equip and a few class-specific skills that offer bonuses to these weapon types.

  • Assault – An aggressive fighter that is effective at medium range combat.  Equips assault rifles and pistols.
  • Heavy – Resilience is its main advantage.  Equips shotguns and RPGs.  The Heavy feels at home in close to medium range combat.
  • Recon – Focuses on fast action and exposing enemies.  Equips SMGs and pistols.  The Recon is efficient in close range combat.
  • Sniper – Focuses on sharpshooting with a stealth approach.  Equips sniper rifles (obviously) and pistols.  Efficient in long distance combat.

We hope this class announcement has got you excited in anticipation for the Game. Make sure you stay tuned to the Gameloft blog and our social media channels for more announcements.

Until next time, Soldier!

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“Modern Combat 5 – Class Is In Session!”

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